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“The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink children’s brand is an excellent resource for award-winning and quality children’s books that encourage actions of tolerance, acceptance, and, perhaps the hardest lesson to be learned of all, staying true to the core of one’s self.”
Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, America’s #1 Success Coach, and New York Times Best-selling author of The Success Principles

“I LOVE the Whimsical World of Sheri Fink! I met Sheri in the Spring of 2013. Using her marketing strategies immediately, I sold over 10,000 copies of my first children’s book in the Fall of 2013. Subsequently, the publisher launched Spanish, Portuguese and Board Book editions in 2014 (Super cheers!). Whether you’re Indie or Traditional or Hybrid, Sheri’s methods work for all publishing genres. Sheri’s books and brand empower. Her workshops inspire and build confidence. Her generous knowledge of the industry continues to bring myself and other writers success. I highly recommend Sheri Fink and I’m so thankful for her Whimsical World!”
– Annalisa Hall, Best-selling Author

“As parents of a young teenager, who is now a best selling Amazon author, we wanted to take a moment to thank Sheri Fink for her incredible mentorship, exceptional guidance and lasting inspiration! When the student is ready, the teacher appears… albeit riding a unicorn and wearing a colorful wig. Sheri’s radiant personality is equally matched by her knowledge of the industry, online marketing savvy, high level of accountability and authentic desire to help people of any age exceed their life’s goals and aspirations. Over a period of several months, mostly via bi-monthly Skype sessions, Sheri helped our son not only nurture and mature an idea into a children’s book he both authored and illustrated called, My Dragon’s Time Machine, A Prehistoric Visit, but also to tap into a quiet confidence few young men his age possess. Her belief in him, coupled with her expertise, allowed him to believe in himself and inspired him to share his love of writing, humor and gift of artistic creation with other young children and parents. There are few people in life as valuable as a good mentor. Sheri Fink, you are one of the best! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the world a more whimsical place and for gifting our son with your kindness, your invaluable time and your passion. We are forever grateful.” – Sonia and Joe Parisi, parents to one outstanding young man, who still needs to clean his room…

“I simply have to rave about Sheri. I was totally blown away with her speech at the South Bay Women’s Conference in May… so needless to say I was thrilled when at Sheri was so gracious to come and speak to the girl’s at Crown Jewel Club’s 10 year anniversary “Yearend Party”. We had almost 100 graduate attend from grades 5th up to sophomores in college. At one point I looked around and Sheri had EVERYONE’S total attention. No wonder Sheri is a global speaker. She can captivate 60 10-yearolds, full of cake, pizza, dancing, excitement of a photo booth, make-up artists and games. I was also touched that Sheri stayed and spoke with every last girl that stood in line to get a chance to speak with her and ask for her autograph Thank you Sheri for sharing your wisdom; reminding them they too can have a magical life!!”
– Jane Butler Phillips, Founder of Crown Jewel Club

“Sheri Fink spoke at the Southern California Writers Association on June 21st, 2014, and she was spectacular. She is fun, knowledgeable and inspiring. If you ever get the chance to hire her, hear her, or read her books, don’t miss out. She’s as good as it gets.”
– Steven G. Jackson, President of the Southern California Writers Association

“Having Sheri Fink as a keynote speaker for the 2nd annual South Bay Women’s Conference was such an inspirational experience. She was positive and professional during every aspect of the process from contacting her as a potential speaker to well after the event. She was also our only speaker out of 3 keynotes and 8 breakouts that received “Loved her!” on 100% of our after conference surveys. If you have the opportunity to give your audience the gift that is Sheri Fink, take it!”
– Bibi Goldstein, Committee Chair of the South Bay Women’s Conference

“A gifted writer and passionate advocate addressing self-esteem issues in children with her colorful, wonderful and inspiring books, Sheri Fink is, quite frankly, a rather diverse treasure rolled into a single, inimitable jewel. A terrific author, savvy entrepreneurial spirit–with the track record to prove it–. , she knows of what she speaks and cares enough to do so honestly in effort to better empower others of all ages.”
– Michael Steven Gregory, Executive Director of the Southern California Writers Conference

“Sheri Fink is a force of nature. Her talent, drive and creativity are a constant inspiration to those who know her. I love her sense of adventure! Sheri is on an important mission to help young people and she has a big, bold vision that she pursues with great passion and great courage. She is constantly expanding her comfort zone and her reach. Keep an eye on this woman. Sheri is a mogul-in-the-making!”
Cheryl Bonini Ellis, Leadership Expert and Best-selling Author of Becoming Deliberate: Changing the Game of Leadership from the Inside Out

“Amazingly wonderful Sheri Fink spoke at the American Association of University Women (Westminster, Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach) Authors Luncheon March 19, 2016. Sheri showed up bright and early displaying her charming children’s books, Bliss, and Cake in Bed. We were all attracted to her delightful personality. She gave an excellent talk focusing on dreams of her childhood which led to university degrees and her own business adventure. We were all inspired listening to her humble beginning and the courage of overcoming obstacles through education, hard work and listening to her dreams; and how that translated into her beautiful writing.”
Janet Pevehouse, Vice President, Educational Foundation of the American Association of University Women (AAUW)

“Sheri Fink’s presentation on May 7 was very inspirational and motivational. Many students were discussing the books they planned to write after hearing her speak. Not only did she inspire the students to write but to reflect on their interactions with others. Her book Little Rose sends a clear message about the importance of finding your place in the world and surrounding yourself with peers that make you a better person. I am sure that the students of Emerald Hill Elementary are hoping she will visit again and share her books.”
Renee Wootten, Principal of Emerald Hill Elementary School

“I was fortunate to be at a workshop where I first met Sheri Fink, and learned sooo very much from her. Her story, presentation and enthusiasm changed me, and put me on a writing path I never thought possible! But the best part is, we became friends. If you are reading this, then I highly recommend attending her tele-class. I really believe you will be changed too! Love ya Sheri! So proud of you!”
– Angie Lee, Author of Cub’s Wish and Children’s Book Writers of Los Angeles Board Member

“Hi Sheri, I just wanted to let you know that your talk yesterday moved me to tears. Thank you for sharing your story with us and thank you for signing each of the “The little rose” books to me and my two grown daughters (21 and 26 years old!). I put myself to sleep by reading your story last night as I was “the little rose” myself for many years of my life. Seeing your smile on stage and talk to us with strength and courage was a great inspiration.”
– Maria UreSouth Bay Business Women’s Association

“Sheri’s effervescent presence lights up the stage. She speaks from the heart with authenticity. Sprinkled wIth equal parts of inspiration, wisdom, and brilliance, her powerful message will make you laugh, make you cry, and leave you energized. You’ll walk away ready to take action on your dreams.”
– Lanette Pottle, President of Positivity Lady Enterprises and Author of Amplify Your Impact

“Sheri recently gave a keynote talk to the Southern California Writers Conference in Newport Beach. Immediately the room was in the palm of her hands. Her inspirational story of humble beginnings, to permanent status as an award winning, best selling children’s author, will tug at your heartstrings while encouraging you to give your dreams your best shot. As nice as she is smart, Sheri is a combination of savvy business woman mixed with a girl-next-door, bubbly-friendly children’s author. Irresistible! Sheri Fink is my new hero.”
– Debbie Barnett, Writer and President of Conscious Flow

“Girls Support Network was honored to host best-selling children’s book author Sheri Fink during our April meeting for our 6th grade girls. The girls were absolutely captivated as Sheri spoke about the importance of authenticity, being true to yourself, and following your dreams. She shared personal stories from childhood to adulthood that inspired the girls to tap into their heart’s desires in order to live an honest and fulfilling life. Thank you Sheri for an incredible evening! You truly engaged, enlightened, and empowered our girls!”
~Joy Robinson, Founder/Executive Director of Girls Support Network, Inc.

“Sheri, Thank you for the great talk that you did for my Entrepreneurial Marketing Class at UCLA Extension. The students enjoyed learning your Entrepreneurial Marketing success strategies and hearing the inspiring story about your journey to becoming a #1 best selling author. Your presentation was sincere, heartwarming, educational and engaging. The students were still talking about it the following week and we all agreed your presentation was first class. Clearly you know what Entrepreneurial Marketing is all about and can deliver excellent business strategies while sparking enthusiasm in others.”
– Mark Stern, Instructor at UCLA Extension

“The Women’s National Book Association, Los Angeles asked Sheri to speak at our writers’ conference in 2013 and in 2014. After looking over the surveys after the event, a majority of the attendees mentioned how much they enjoyed Sheri’s presentation. It was insightful, educational, and inspirational. We really enjoyed working with her and would recommend her to anyone looking for a great presentation on being a writer and on the writing process!”
– Rachelle Yousef, President of Women’s National Book Association

“Sheri has been a true inspiration to me, as a writer and businesswoman. I attended Sheri’s Book Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Tele-class. Sheri’s warmth, generosity, and genuineness was present throughout the entire tele-class, as was her professionalism. She willingly provided many ideas, tips and techniques that have helped me grow in confidence as I consider navigating the world of self-publishing myself. Sheri dreams big – encouraging the whole world to dream with her!”
Laurie Crookell, Writer and Speaker

“I have learned so much from Sheri–from marketing techniques, to the ins and outs of independent printing, to great writing habits and time organization. Sheri emanates such joy when helping others reach their literary goals, as well as inspiring many people with her books!”
Danielle Soucy Mills, Best-selling, Award-winning Author of Tina Tumbles and Illusion of an Ending

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